Academic Host: Iberoamerican University Architecture Department

The Department of Architecture of the Universidad Iberoamericana has been ranked among the top 3 top architecture schools in Mexico for the last 5 years. The school has been host to numerous international events, most recently the Holcim Forum, the Holcim Awards and the International Public Spaces Conference. The campus, designed by one of the eminences grises of Mexican architecture, Francisco Serrano, includes several auditoria and smaller conference spaces that would permit hosting the conference and related side events.

The 2018 ACADIA conference will take place in Mexico City, Mexico. Mexico City is a conurbation of several neighborhoods and villages covering an area of approximately 573 square miles. The historic center, located roughly in the center/north of the city, contains most of the colonial and baroque architecture as well as most of the city’s cultural institutions. The Universidad Iberoamericana campus is located in the Santa Fe area. It is the financial district of the city and in a perfect example of satellite sprawl.