October 18 - 20, 2018 | Universidad Iberoamericana | Mexico City

ACADIA 2018 Mexico City aims to re-calibrate the discourse of computational design research. Mexico has a rich and varied design culture which brings to mind names like Barragan, Candela, Legorreta, Goeritz and Pani, and an improvisational aptitude that could be described as ‘Mexican wit’. Recent developments within the socio-political environment having placed new stresses on international discourse, an inflection point has been reached, provoking a renewed focus on alternate modes of thinking, designing, programming, making, and interdisciplinary cooperation within architectural research and production. This situation presents a unique opportunity to revisit different global questions, benefiting the local community by bringing ACADIA and its history of commitment to computational design research, while at the same time providing a different vantage point from which to re-examine the topics the conference has explored from its inception. This conference provides a platform for experimentation in imprecision, and the breaking of the norms that define fidelity within contemporary architectural research and practice.

Re/calibration: on imprecision and infidelity is an attempt to build upon the already vibrant cross-border dialog between the artistically, computationally and technologically driven communities with the potential not only to re-examine boundaries, but also to provide for a moment of self-reflection. In the face of uncertainty, the idea of a recalibration could come to mean achieving a new level of understanding of the inherent infidelities of the systems in which we have been working and then embracing that imprecision rather than trying to impose a means to control it.

Universidad Iberoamericana|Department of Architecture, Urbanism and Civil Engineering
Address: Prolongación Paseo de Reforma 880, Lomas de Santa Fe, México, C.P. 01219

Contact: 2018@acadia.org